yamaha wr300 getzenrodeo 2016 7M 3509 1200

Wandering around the paddock at the GetzenRodeo we spotted a custom build Yamaha WR300.

Parked up on the back of a pickup truck, a local bike shop in Germany has been busy adding an extra 50cc to Yamaha’s new WR250.

We weren’t able to gather a whole lot of info about the bike but it appears to be running the Athena big bore kit as featured in our recent My Ride feature on Romain Dumontier’s WR300 in EnduroGP.

yamaha wr300 getzenrodeo 2016 7M 3510 1200


yamaha wr300 getzenrodeo 2016 7M 3512 1200

Other than that, it looks identical to the standard WR250, with 18” rear wheel, side stand, Keihin carb, presumably five-speed gearbox and kick start only option.

All things considered, it definitely seems that the consumer demand for Yamaha to build a WR300 is still as strong as ever.

yamaha wr300 getzenrodeo 2016 7M 3511 1200