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WP Cone Valves

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WP Cone Valves was created by Ljamscek18

Hello, anybody racing on Cone Valves?
My name is Luka Jamšček and I'm from Slovenia. I'm racing XCC and classic Enduros maily. I've been thinking about getting WP Cone Valves for some time now, and now I want to purchase them.
I'm wondering about difference in riding with stock forks (XPLOR 20'), how complicated is adjusting them,...? Is it worth 3000€?
What about Ohlins RFX 48 S, or those new KYB AOS Spring Forks Cartridge kit?
Share your experience with me if you will. :)
Thank you so much guys for reply,
cheers from Slovenia
Luka Jamšček
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Replied by jp on topic WP Cone Valves

Hi Luka,
Sorry no-one has replied to this message already. Honestly, sometimes things get really busy for us and checking on the forum drops down the list.
I have tested and ridden with the different Cone valves (as they were called) and Trax Shock. The difference is big and to put it simply it helps you hit things harder, ride faster over different terrain with less effect on the bike. The first time I raced with them was an indoor event and for three or four laps I was amazewd with each obstacle how much harder I could hit stuff and get away with it. it felt like cheating.
In traditional enduro of XC events they also help with grip and general condifence. Normal things in an XC race which you would brake and ride slower on the standard suspension you don't have to because the Pro Componants help the bike keep stable and you have much more confidence. This is putting it simply but I hope you understand.
We ran a feature here:

But here's an option you might want to consider. WP now have new, less costly kits which are what you might call a halfway option. They now have a fork cartridge kit and also a bladder kit for the rear shock. Both promise to be a good jump in performance and of course not as much money as the full Pro forks and shock. We have a test of this fork kit coming soon but here is the 'first look' we wrote:

One thing to add is there are other options around (not just WP) and personally I have had bikes transformed by sending the forks and shock to my nearest suspension specialist, he's a good guy who has a lot of experience riding and also takes time to understand what you want as a rider to make changes to the standard equipment and offer advice. If you can find someone in your country, close to you who can offer this, maybe message a good level rider you know (who would that be for you? David Cyprian?) and ask who he could recommend.
I hope that helps, regards, Jon (Enduro21 Editor)
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