San Diego-based sports performance company 100% has won a multi-year design infringement case against the company H&H Sports Protection S.R.L. and its “JUST 1” brand – Italian Court validates 100% registered designs and orders damages and infringement to cease.

In the Italian court ruling, Just 1/H&H was found to have knowingly infringed 100%’s registered design and was ordered to cease sales of all infringing products and pay damages and fees to 100%.

“In order to push the bar on product innovation, 100% has always invested heavily in its intellectual property prosecution and defence.” Says 100% CEO Ludo Boinnard. “Though it is always disappointing that other companies attempt to capitalize on our investments, we appreciate the Italian courts having further validated the strength of our registered design and ordered damages be paid for this infringement”.

“100% will continue to vigorously defend its intellectual property so that we can continue to bring our fans the innovative and industry-leading products that they expect from 100%.” Adds Boinnard.

This most recent victory for 100% in its enforcement strategy attests to the global strength of 100%’s brand and technologies. Prior legal victories by 100% over other brands in multiple countries have resulted in the destruction of products, tooling, damages and fines.


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