Following a press release Enduro21 published on January 25, 2021, in relation to a court case outcome between H&H Sports and Speedlab regarding a design copyright dispute over 100% goggles and JUST1 brands, H&H have responded to the 100% statement and the information within.


The H&H Sports statement dated January 28, 2021, reads as follows:

H&H has learnt that false and inaccurate information has been disclosed regarding the outcome of the dispute between the two companies.

First of all, it must be categorically denied that H&H has been condemned to pay damages deriving from acts of infringement; although claimed by 100%, the request was rejected by the Court of Rome, which did not even ascertain the validity of 100%'s design.

The decision of the Court of Rome also rejected the request for publication of the decision; according to Italian case law, 100%'s conducts therefore constitutes a serious act of unfair competition aimed at discrediting the name of H&H and its JUST1 brand.

Contrary to what 100%’s press release suggests or leads to believe, the decision of the first instance of the Court of Rome is not final and will be appealed by H&H as soon as possible.

H&H reserves the right to initiate formal litigation before the competent Courts to protect its rights and reputation.