Muc-Off, motorcycle and bicycle care and maintenance specialists, have launched a new ‘Rain Shield Re-Proofer’ spray for all waterproof and breathable fabrics including off-road riding gear.

The new spray from Muc-Off’s ever-growing range is a dead simple spray-on waterproofing treatment which it claims “restores factory levels of repellence on all waterproof and breathable fabrics”.

The spray creates a ‘Durable Water Repellent’ (DWR) layer they say which also reduces the surface tension of fabrics thanks to a microscopic ‘spikey’, hydrophobic surface that causes water to bead and roll off, preventing rain, snow and mud from penetrating and saturating the clothing.

Muc-Off Rain Shield Re-Proofer technical highlights:

  • PFC free, water-based formula
  • Not harmful for the environment or to you
  • Helps to repel wet mud and grime and protects against ground-in stains
  • Will not impact breathability of garments
  • Extends life and performance of garments
  • Easy to apply, supplied in a spray bottle
  • Can be used on any technical or waterproof/water repellent fabric including Goretex, Polartec, Pertex, eVent, softshell clothing, hardshell clothing and down-filled garments
  • Will treat 1-2 garments per bottle

Muc-Off say it’s been designed with sustainability built-in, so it’s safe for the environment, unlike some products which contain perfluorocarbons (PFCs). It also won’t impact the breathability of garment which is important for all of us who wear an outer later in the rain for riding. More than that, they also boast the spray will actually extend the life of the riding kit.

Cost: £9.99/€11.99


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