FLY Racing proudly introduces its 2017 line-up of racewear. Race clothing of SuperEnduro World Champion Colton Haaker and the US Husqvarna Off-Road team, it’s been thoroughly tested across overtype of terrain from endurocross to GNCC and desert Baja racing…

Here is a brief overview of each of FLY Racing’s 2017 racewear lines…

2017 Evolution 2.0 Racewear

Fly Racing Evolution 2.0 Racewear 800

Quality and innovation with a constant goal to improve: this is the FLY Racing design team’s mindset each year when they set out to rebuild the Evolution racewear line. Race tested for over 10 years and constantly being upgraded, FLY designers set out to solve any issues a rider may have regarding movement and function. 

Examples include the Zipper Lock System (to prevent closure failure) and FLY Racing exclusive—and the industry’s first—MX pant with an integrated Boa® closure system. The Boa® system offers fast, on-the-fly micro adjustability that provides a truly “Dialed In” fit, with the simple turn of a dial to create unparalleled comfort and performance. 

The list is long, but rest assured FLY Racing’s design team continues to develop, test and improve upon the hundreds of details that make the Evolution line a market leader in technical racewear.


2017 Lite Hydrogen Racewear

fly racing Lite Hydrogen Racewear 800

Being the original light weight racewear to come to market wasn’t enough. FLY Racing continues to develop and improve its Lite Hydrogen racewear line through constant feedback from its athletes—both amateur and pro alike. The goal has always been to create the lightest, most breathable racewear with an athletic tailored fit that’s almost unnoticeable. Each panel has been carefully analyzed to ensure that the rider has maximum flexibility, breathability and support where needed. 

The styling of the Lite Hydrogen line this year was inspired by the extensive study of top athletic products and tech from around the world combined with global trends and FLY Racing’s own creativity. Three words to best sum up the Lite Hydrogen line: simplicity, progression and precision.


2017 Kinetic Racewear

FLY Racing’s Kinetic series blends form and function in a way unlike any other and its reliability is a testament to its durable construction. Feature-for-feature, the Kinetic line over delivers with details that make it the market leader in the mid-level racewear category. Whether you are looking for a wild or mild look this year FLY pushed the boundaries with two exciting new graphics. 

The Crux graphic was inspired by modern low-poly art design, giving this set of gear a subtle tech look. The Relapse graphic drew inspiration from hand drawn concert posters from some of the FLY Racing design team’s favorite bands. The result is an aggressive look that’s as edgy as it is fun. No matter which one you choose, Kinetic Racewear won’t disappoint.

Kinetic Crux Line

fly racing Kinetic Crux Racewear 800


Kinetic Relapse Line

fly racing Kinetic Relapse Racewear 800


2017 Kinetic Rockstar Racewear

fly racing Kinetic Rockstar Racewear 800

The same gear worn by Rockstar Husqvarna factory team riders Christophe Pourcel, Zach Osborne, and Martin Davalos, FLY Racing’s replica Kinetic Rockstar racewear is a pant and jersey combo based upon FLY Racing’s rock-solid Kinetic racewear line. Same dialed-in fit, same loaded list of features.


2017 Kinetic Women’s Racewear

fly racing Kinetic Womens Racewear 800

FLY Racing’s Kinetic Women’s Racewear was designed by women for women riders. FLY created a women’s-specific cut through strategically placed stretch panels for a comfortable and a versatile fit. With the same quality and technology as its men’s racewear, FLY Racing’s women’s line has been at the forefront for a decade.


2017 F-16 Racewear

fly racing F 16 Racewear 800

One of FLY Racing’s most successful racewear lines, F-16 is “every rider” gear that as the years have passed has continued to integrate even more features. The intent being to provide a high-quality design and useful features in every set of gear built. This season is no different and FLY designers have given the pant a pre-curved fit similar to the Evolution and Kinetic lines.



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