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KTM unveil their 2016 EXC enduro range...

KTM is pleased to announce that the EXC model year 2016 range has been launched and is currently arriving in UK dealers.

With KTM’s expertise in offroad the manufacturer presents its super-successful and extensive Enduro range for 2016. This includes 2-stroke and 4-stroke models that offer class-leading performance with high-end serial equipment and some detailed refinements over last year’s models.


Engine & Chassis

The MY16 KTM EXC line-up includes the 4-stroke 250 EXC-F, 350 EXC-F, 450 EXC and 500 EXC, along with the 2-stroke models 125 EXC, 200 EXC, 250 EXC and ultra-powerful 300 EXC.

The KTM EXC machines offer an electric starter as standard equipment on all models (except the 125 EXC) along with a modern, high-strength chromoly steel profile frame, which offers easy handling, precise cornering as well as outstanding stability.

The overall chassis design includes a number of high quality, premium parts and technology specifically designed for Enduro use. Each engine has been especially designed for purpose and maximum performance in the most challenging conditions.


For MY16 the range receives re-worked WP open cartridge forks with new fork boots and a smaller front axle. These refinements, comprised with new suspension settings, means each model can offer improved handling and better traction with a more precise feedback to the rider.

The new models are arriving in UK dealers  and worldwide now. Please contact your local dealer for more information or visit the new KTM website.

2016 KTM 125 EXC 110169


The 125 EXC is the ideal machine for the youngsters in the E1 class and for all who are looking for ultra-nimble agility, minimum weight as well as the most affordable purchase and ownership costs. Well known for its great performance, the 125 EXC is the 2-stroke benchmark of the E1 class.



The 300 EXC has clearly proven what it can do in many offroad competitions. The combination of massive 2-stroke performance, unrivalled torque and a super agile chassis make it the first choice when the going gets really difficult. A perfectly tuned exhaust control provides a manageable power delivery, while the 6-speed gearbox, which has been specifically geared for Enduro duty, has always the right gear ratio on offer.

The powerful KTM 300 EXC engine fitted with 6-speed transmission and electric starter unites an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio with outstanding performance and extremely easy handling.



The cutting-edge 250 EXC engine is started effortlessly via an electric starter and has been considered the most successful 2-stroke power plant on the market. Best-in-class Enduro performance combined with a perfectly geared 6-speed transmission and DDS clutch make this engine the absolute top dog of its segment.

The lightweight KTM 250 EXC engine is known for it´s sporty and lively power characteristic. Fitted with a TVC powervalve, 6-speed transmission and electric starter it is the most competitive 2-stroke engine in its class.



The 200 EXC is the perfect combination of a 125’s playful handling with impressive engine power that’s very close to a 250. The 200 EXC is equipped with an electric starter for easy and reliable engine starting. Combined with its optimum rideability, the 200 EXC is user-friendly and fun.


KTM 450/500 EXC

The 450 and 500 EXC models are undisputedly the most powerful Enduro machines of their classes. Combining low weight and high displacement, high-tech SOHC (single overhead camshaft) 4-stroke technology is the right choice for all riders that are looking for maximum four-stroke performance, combined with playful handling for the E2 and E3 classes. These power-houses are without a doubt the benchmarks in their classes.

Developed for tough Enduro duty, the SOHC engine with 449.3cc (450 EXC) and 510.4cc (500 EXC) is distinguished by an extremely compact design, easy maintenance and excellent durability at a minimal weight. Together with the Keihin EFI system, this provides unrivalled Enduro specific performance and rideability.



The ultimate Enduro machine when optimum rideability and maximum Enduro performance are called for. Thanks to its compact, powerful, DOHC engine, along with its low weight and its perfectly tuned suspension, this machine masters each and every tough spot in cross-country riding with ease and poise. In addition, thanks to its playful handling, the 350 EXC-F always holds the advantage when the going gets really tough.

The 350cc 4-stroke engine with a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection offers a very wide power band and is distinguished by a dynamic but easy to control power delivery.

The DOHC cylinder head contains four ultra-lightweight titanium valves (intake 36.3mm, exhaust 29.1mm), activated by two overhead camshafts via very small, DLC coated followers that weigh only 8g. The super lightweight design allows for extremely high engine speed levels of up to 12,000 rpm. The camshaft timings are perfectly tuned for performance in the Enduro specific low rev range.

Compared to the 350 SX-F, the 350 EXC-F has a heavier crankshaft in order to achieve a more even power delivery and better traction through the greater gyrating mass. The crankshaft employs a plain big end bearing. Two force-fitted bearing shells run directly on the crank pin. 



A strong engine combined with flickable and agile chassis characteristics are at the base of yet another World title in the hands of Christophe Nambotin. The compact and powerful engine compliments the well-proven chassis, which ensures that the lively little 4-stroke maintains its edge over the competition.

The construction of the engine shares many base components with the successful 350 EXC-F, and boasts numerous advantages in terms of torque and power.

Specifically developed for the 250 EXC-F, the 6-speed Enduro gearbox has relatively short gears from 1st to 5thand an overdrive 6th gear.

The single piece basket of the DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel) is machined from solid high-tensile steel in one piece together with the primary drive gear. Together with the thin steel linings, contributes to the narrow engine width due to its compact rivet-less design. The diaphragm spring makes it possible to implement an additional rubber damping system inside the clutch hub, which guarantees reliability for the transmission and good traction.





The bodywork has been designed ergonomically and functionally in such a way that the whole motorcycle is in perfect harmony with the rider down to the very last detail.


At the same time, the ingenious design of the airbox guarantees optimum protection of the air filter from dirt plus maximum air throughput for high performance. The airbox covers are manufactured in a 2-component process with new in-mold graphics. The filter is replaced very quickly, without any tools. Furthermore, two additional tabs on the cover allow it to be secured with bolts if desired.


All EXC models are fitted with the super strong, tapered Neken handlebars made of high tensile strength aluminium alloy. The proven standard KTM mount allows the handlebar to be fixed in four different positions. A new light switch made by Leonelli is designed to fulfil the requirements of Enduro use. The open hand guards are serial equipment providing optimum protection of the rider’s hands.


The speedometer by MAE integrates all the warning and indicator lights, except the turn signals, in a single unit. This gives the cockpit a clean and minimal look, with clear and readily available information.


Completely new graphics for MY 2016 compliment the look of the Enduro bike range in style.


All fuel tanks are made of lightweight polyethene. These large capacity tanks are specifically designed for Enduro use and have a release mechanism of the ¼-turn bayonet filler cap that can be opened quickly and easily.


The modern frame design of the MY16, comprising lightweight, high strength, chrome-molybdenum steel section tubes, combines maximum longitudinal stiffness with optimum torsional stiffness. It guarantees easy handling and precise steering behaviour, as well as excellent ride stability. So the new frame not only shines with the new colour, it also clearly represents the benchmark in terms of weight and stability. The frame colour shines in the same orange as the KTM factory racing team, making the styling even more attractive. Thanks to the frame design and in conjunction with the rear PDS damping system, impacts at the rear wheel are absorbed and dissipated optimally. For MY 2016 the frame is protected by a robust frame guard.


The MY16 is fitted with a new front fork featuring newly designed fork boots with shorter offset and a new suspension setting, optimally tuned to weight and engine. In addition, the fork features new fork guards. The high-quality WP suspension components have been specially designed for enduro use. They ensure maximum traction and plenty of comfort.

At the rear, a PDS shock absorber from WP Suspension works with a direct linkage to the upper side of the swingarm. The wide range of setting options for rebound damping and high- and low-speed compression damping are standard on KTM bikes.


The cast aluminium swingarm has been developed with state-of-the-art calculation and simulation software and constructed, in terms of design and wall thickness, for minimum weight with optimum stiffness and precisely defined flexibility.


The front axle has been reduced in size from 26mm to 22mm to reduce weight and offer better front end feel. The adjusted offset and increased trail provides more stability.


The fork protectors have been adapted to the fork shoes and are also lighter. The open design offers the same level of protection while giving easier access to the fork legs for quicker cleaning and faster maintenance.


The black coloured 7050 T6 aluminium Giant rims with black spokes are mated to CNC machined hubs and lightweight aluminium nipples to achieve maximum stability at minimum weight. Especially developed for KTM, the OEM Maxxis Enduro tires deliver perfect traction and outstanding performance.


The Engine Management System by Keihin with electronic fuel injection and a 42mm throttle body offers a spontaneous response and maximum engine performance. An oil-cooled 196 W AC alternator provides sufficient energy for the fuel injection, lighting and other electrical loads. With an optional map-select switch from the Power Parts program, the EMS can allow the rider to select different engine characteristics. In addition, the optional User-Setting-Tool can offer the facility to readout engine data with a laptop and change the ignition and injection mappings with a few mouse clicks.

2016 KTM 350 EXC F 110182