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How downsizing your life and buying a dirt bike is the answer to escaping life’s rat race…

Text: Barry Morris

Because buying stuff is the key to happiness, we take a short cut and buy it all on credit, and when we aren't happier we think it's because we didn't buy enough shit. And of course guess who is making loads of money from the average joe with all his credit cards maxxed out to the limit trying to win the rat race?

Wouldn't it be cool if we could get out of this vicious circle? If we could give a big finger to the rat race and actually choose how much we get involved with it, instead of letting it control us? And discover will an anodized billet fuel cap make my penis larger?

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One of the Traction eRag guys is called Hobo Bill. He recently chose to opt out of the rat race and choose a simpler lifestyle. He downsized and walked away from his 20 year career. He bought this derelict 1965 van and took months restoring it to its former glory so it could carry him and his Italian princess wherever the path takes him. He picks up odd jobs here and there, and wheels out the RR350 for a ride at every new place. 

Now we can't all do that of course, and may not want to either. But there are plenty of things we can do to enjoy life and free up more time for the things that matter like family, friends, beer, and of course dirt riding. 

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Do I need stuff? Question all your purchases. A new car every year? Expensive restaurants? Trendy fashion labels? Most of the stuff we buy increases our temporary happiness but then rapidly just becomes clutter in our lives.

Avoid debt. Avoid debt and credit cards like the plague. Can't afford it? Don't buy it until you've saved the money for it, except for buying a place to live.

Hate ads. Become very sceptical of all ads. Most of the time they are just trying to convince you to buy shit you don't need. We are surrounded by them, and they are made by professionals you know how to subsconsiously manipulate you. 

Downsize. Sell it all off and aim not to replace it with new clutter (unless it's dirt bike related of course). 

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Be content. Ads try to convince us that anyone richer than us is happier than us, despite all the evidence against this. Choose not to be proud of your old car. Your small house. Your 1980s model dirt bike. 

Work hard then chill. Work the system to your benefit. If you are young, work hard and save hard in your 20s when you are full of energy.

The important stuff. Focus on the things that matter, like an anodized billet fuel cap. Research shows that true happiness is not built on money or our possessions - it is built on our life experiences and relationships with others - family, partners and friends. 

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How of course you could choose to do all of this then lash out on a stable full of brand new dirt bikes and bling. But naturally most of us have a limited budget, so remember a brand new dirt bike won't make you a better rider, just work on your skills. The latest riding gear with cool graphics won't make you faster, just stitch up your old gear. 

The only bling that will make you a better rider is an anodized billet fuel cap. And the big question of course - will an anodized billet fuel cap make my penis larger? Yes it will. Here endeth the sermon.