japan enduro championship Taka Maehashi

The Japanese Hidaka Two-Day Enduro put competitors through their paces for rounds three and four of the series due to some wet and wild weather.

After the special test Walking on Friday, it started raining in the early evening and continued throughout the night. The next morning the 70km lap course had turned into a slippery muddy condition. 

But with a blue sky greeting competitors for the 8am start the weather stayed kind to throughout  day one. 

The event featured two 6km-long special tests, one on a ski slope, and another comprised of Jeep roads and single tracks. Both required 10 to 12 minutes to complete.

japan enduro championship jec2 2 840

With a 32 years of history since its inauguration race in 1984, the Hidaka Two Days Enduro (HTDE) has continuously attracted the largest entry list of any round of the Japan Enduro Championship (JEC) series. 

TM Racing’s Takahiro Maehashi won his first A-Class victory by recording the fastest times in the early stage of the race. 

Despite having had stayed at the top of the ranking, and his strong push in the second half of the race, Kenji Suzuki (Yamaha) lost by a whisker. Yutaro Uchiyama (Yamaha) finished third. 

japan enduro championship Lyndon Poskitt

The B-Class race saw British man Lyndon Poskitt (KTM) take first place in his first ever JEC.

The competition continued in harsh course conditions owing to the further rain throughout day two.

Yukihito Ota (KTM) extended his lead by showing an aggressive ride and notched the A-Class win of the day. 

japan enduro championship Yutaro Uchiyama

Lyndon Poskitt won the B-Class and also enjoyed finishing fifth in the overall ranking among A and B Class riders. 

In the Women’s Class, the local Masami Fukuda (Husqvarna) claimed victory showing her riding skills on a demanding track.


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Results: JEC R3-4 HTDE


A class

1. Takahiro Maehashi, TM Racing

2. Kenji Suzuki, Yamaha

3. Yutaro Uchiyama. Yamaha

4. Tadashi Kugimura, Honda

5. Koji Kosuge, Sherco

6. Taku Izumi, Beta

B class

1. Lyndon Poskitt, KTM

2. Shingo Mouri, Yamaha

3. Tsutomu Arihara, KTM

4, Yuta Tatekura, Yamaha

5. Toshiyasu Yamanishi, Yamaha

6. Ryu Saeki, Husqvarna

N class

1. Lawrence Hacking, Husqvarna

2. Masato Suzuki, Yamaha

3. Tsuneo Tezuka, KTM



A class

1. Yukihito Ota, KTM

2. Yutaro Uchiyama. Yamaha

3. Kenji Suzuki, Yamaha

4. Yuji Nagaki. Husqvarna

5. Takahiro Maehashi, TM Racing

6. Taku Izumi, Beta

B class

1. Lyndon Poskitt, KTM

2. Ryu Saeki, Husqvarna

3. Shingo Mouri, Yamaha

4. Yuta Tatekura, Yamaha

5. Yoshinao Hori, Suzuki

6. Jin Mawatari, KTM

N class

1. Masato Suzuki, Yamaha

2. Lawrence Hacking, Husqvarna

3. Noboru Kotani, KTM