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Are the world’s best enduro athletes getting younger? Are the kids taking over? And what’s happened to the idea that enduro is the sport where experienced riders are the ones who win championships?

It used to be the case that you spent a few years learning your trade, as it were, getting some mileage under the belt while serving an apprenticeship. There was a feeling of spending a few years racing motocross and riding trials before knuckling down to learn the ways of the enduro world with the hope of coming good in your late 20s or early 30s?

It seems today’s young guns aren’t taking any notice of that. 

The new pattern emerging is to serve some sort of apprenticeship in your late teens then arrive seemingly fully qualified and in championship-winning form as an early 20-something. 

Twenty-two year old Steve Holcombe is the newest guy to the world champion club. After a year in the Junior class racing the European based rounds to learn the ropes, Holcombe jumped straight into the senior ranks for 2016 and conquered the world.

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Matt Phillips is another case in point. Seemingly having been around for ages the truth is that the now two-time senior world champ, and 2016 EnduroGP champion, is still only 24 years young. 

Currently the only exception to the rule, Eero Remes is one guy of note following the pattern of old. Sticking it to the young men and still proving that age does bring experience, the Finn clocked up his second consecutive E1 world title at the now seemingly ancient age of 31.

Time will tell if he hold strong and deliver a third but one thing’s for sure is that the youth of today will be hunting him down. 

Long live the young guns… 


Reflection is taken from the latest issue of Enduro illustrated. Out now and free to read issue #19 is jam packed with enduro content. Graham Jarvis’ and Jonny Walker’s machines are put head-to-head, Gas Gas’ EC300 gets tested, not just for kids - Husky’s TX125 is ridden n’ rated plus there’s a catch up with Antoine Meo and much more…