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KTM’s Brad Freeman was crowned the European Enduro Champion at the final round of the season in the Netherlands.

Entering the final round of the series with a slender points lead, Freeman got down to business by winning both days to secure the outright title.

In what’s been a tough year for the young Brit, Freeman was forced to miss the penultimate round due to an ongoing shoulder injury. Having placed 2-1-1-2 in Italy and France, his non-show in Latvia tightened things up in the championship chase with closest rival Jaromir Romanicik (KTM). 

Hitting the ground running on day one he claimed the win and then backed it out the following day with another outright victory to walk away as this year’s champion.

2016 Brad Freeman GB KTM Overall Champion 1200

An off-day for Romanicik left him unable to challenge Freeman but he still had enough in hand to end the series as runner-up while Nicolas Pellegrinelli (KTM) completed the top three.

Former champion, and FIM’s EnduroGP course inspector, Maurizio Micheluz (Husqvarna) was fourth overall with Marco Neubert (KTM) fifth.

A double non-score in the Netherlands saw out-going champion Tom Sagar (Sherco) slip to sixth overall in the final championship standings.

In the Women’s class there was no denying Jane Daniels of championship honours as she stormed to victory. Remaining unbeaten this year in the EEC, the Husqvarna rider wrapped things up on day one before signing off with a final win to claim the perfect season.

2016 Jane Daniels GB Husqvarna 1200


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