joakim ljunggren novemberkasan DSC 6502

Winning this year’s Swedish Novemberkasan, Joakim Ljunngren gets this week’s Monday Shout Out…

When it comes to racing Sweden’s Novemberkasan you gotta be made of tough stuff and Joakim Ljunggren is about as tough as they come.

One of the most toughest, gruelling and physically demanding single day enduros on the planet, the Novemberkasan sees competitors racing through Swedish bogs and forestry for over 15 hours.

They start in daylight, and if they’re lucky enough, finish it at two or three in the morning.

To win this race once is a momentous occasion, winning it seven times like Joakim Ljunggren has just done is the stuff of legends.

No one has come close to Ljunngren’s win tally and we’re guessing we’ll be waiting a while before anyone ever does.

Congrats Jocke, you the man!


Photo: Kalle Lundstedt /