Honda’s Trevor Bollinger made the trip to Japan a memorable one by winning the final round of JNCC series aboard Honda’s new CRF450RX.

JNCC is biggest off road racing series in Asia. At the final round of 2016, 400 riders competed in the 90 minute race and 200 riders raced in the three-hour main event.

GNCC's top gun Trevor Bollinger(JCR Honda) also participated this event with new Honda CRF450RX. 

jncc enduro Q6T9132

Under the clear sky, morning frost made slippery track Trevor Bollinger showed consistent speed through out the race and finished 1st place his first race in Japan. 

Finishing five minutes behind the GNCC XC2 champ, 2015 JNCC champion Takeshi Koikeda (KTM Japan Racing) crossed the finish line as runner-up. 

japan jncc Q6T0022

Third place went to Manabu Watanabe (TwisterRacing). Kenji Suzuki (Yamaha) and Tatsuya Saiki (KTM) completed the top five.

In the AA2 class (Pro Lite) it was a win for YZ125X mounted Kenji Suzuki (Blue Riders with YAMALUBE). His result was also good enough for fourth overall.

Trevor Bollinger JNCC 1200




JNCC Final Round

1. Trevor Bollinger CRF450RX (JCR Honda)

2. Takeshi Koikeda KTM350EXC (KTM Japan Racing)

3. Manabu Watanabe YZ250FX (TwisterRacing) 

4. Kenji Suzuki YZ125X (Blue Riders with YAMALUBE)

5. Tatsuya Saiki KTM250SX (KTM XPK Racing)

6. Masahiro Kobayashi Husqvarna FC250 (KAMON Husqvarna Sapporo)

7. Nobuya Watarai KX250F (Krize Dekofure)

8. Ren Ishidoya KTM450EXCF (KTM Saitama Stars Trading)

9. Takuya Wada KTM250EXC (Oshareikachi mp Hioki)

10. Yutaro Uchiyama YZ450FX (Blue Riders with YAMALUBE)