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French manufacturer AXP Racing has a growing range of protective products for enduro, MX and ATV bikes.

The backbone of the brand are skid plates and radiator braces.

…They say

High density polyethylene skid plate designed to protect engine cases and frames on enduro bikes. 

It’s 40% lighter than aluminium and thicker than standard products. It doesn’t bend or deform and is colour-matched to different manufacturers. It improves life span over stock parts and fits securely with less vibrations.


axp sump guards husqvarna tx 125 enduro21 tested nov 2016 7M 6759 1200


…We say

We’re no strangers to AXP Racing products here at enduro21 and have used their skid plates/sump guards/bash plates (whichever is your preference) many times. The skid plate we’ve fitted to our Husqvarna TX 125 test bike comes with all the hallmarks of the AXP products we’ve used in the past: neat and tidy design that looks good on the bike - important! - and fits well. 

Although it’s fair to say that a skid plate shouldn’t be difficult to fit, this one was as straightforward as they come - we have found other after-market plates are more complex than they should be. We fitted ours trackside in a couple of minutes.

The back of the plate grabs hold of the lower frame cross member in the same fashion as the standard plate does. Front mounting is further under the engine than standard but is precisely secured with bolts through to a backing plate that is mounted on the top-side of the lower frame rails.

axp sump guards husqvarna tx 125 enduro21 tested nov 2016 7M 6768 1200

The AXP plate is made from 6mm thick polyethylene plastic material, which is nearly twice as thick as the standard one making it more robust. The side fins work well to protect the side casings during impacts.

A key point to make about the standard bash plate with Husqvarna - and KTM models - is that they are easy to remove and refit. That means easy access to the engine or to remove any mud collected in there. Quick removal of the AXP skid plate is possible but isn’t as fast as the standard skid plate. 

The other point to make about stock skid plates is they aren’t always the strongest material and although they work ok, if you start bashing logs or rocks too much you can run into trouble. 

Overall the AXP Racing skid plate is stronger than standard and lighter than metal equivalents and we reckon looks better too.


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Really liked

Strong, easy to fit and looks good



Wide range of enduro models



From €119.00