As the Oregon forestry trail manager Reid Brown easily has one of the coolest jobs around.

To give him his official title of "Off-Highway Vehicle Specialist" in Tillamook State Forest, Brown's job is to build and maintain over 500 miles of sustainable trails in the area. 

Basically building trails and riding dirt bikes for a living, he’s the envy of every enduro enthusiast stuck in an office right now watching this video by GoPro. But he’s doing some seriously good work.

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With over 350,000 riders using the forest annually, it’s his job to make sure they’re in tip-top shape and rideable in the event of forestry felling. 

A dab hand at racing too - he won a gold medal at the 2015 ISDE in Slovakia - Brown’s work is showing that with the proper systems in place a sustainable existence for the sport and the environment is very much possible.

Hat’s off to GoPro for bringing this project to our screens too…