Eleven months of 2016 enduro action are now behind us. The end of the year is rolling into view.

Here’s the best of November…


Rider of the Month: Alfredo Gomez 

alfredo.gomez Hixpania Hard Enduro 1125 1200

Hanging it out, Alfredo Gomez was solid at Hixpania, doing exactly what he needed to do to win when it needed doing. A home race offered a lot of additional pressure for the Spaniard but he kept his cool, riding on to the top step of the podium Sunday evening.


colton.haaker Endurocross 2016 Rnd 8 0297 1200

Five wins from nine starts and placing no lower than second during the entirety of the 2016 EnduroCross series gave Colton Haaker his debut AMA championship. 


27467 Colton Haaker Husqvarna FX 350 2016 1200

Staying on in California gave time to check out Haaker’s digs and see first hand his test track that’s been instrumental in winning both the SuperEnduro and EnduroCross crowns in the same year. Equally his FX 350 is a work of art. Read about his endurocross steed - minus the headlight - in My Ride.


mario.roman Hixpania Hard Enduro 1431 1200

Mario Roman weathers the storm. Friday night’s downpour at Hixpania was biblical.


2016 11 04 KTM DAKAR PRESS 614 1200

What's involved in reading a rally road book? Turns out quite a lot as JP found out when he attend Jordi Villadom’s School of Rally.


husqvarna tx 125 tested nov 2016 7M 7150 1200

A little less race action meant a little extra time with our Husqvarna TX 125. AXP Racing's skid plate and rad guards have been put to test, with a long term review coming in Enduro illustrated.


sandra.gomez Hixpania Hard Enduro 0279 1200

Sandra Gomez was on the gas at Hixpania. She’s putting her efforts into Hard Enduro now and showing well. Twelfth at Hixpania and then a week later seventh at Ukupacha in Ecuador.


jon.pearson tested nov 2016 7M 8021 1200

An invite down to the Dr Shox Suspension compound offered the opportunity to rattle out a few sandy laps on the TX 125.


podium Hixpania Hard Enduro 3130 1200

This ain’t a rock concert, it’s Hard Enduro. But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise as riders were treated like rockstars at Spain’s Hixpania Hard Enduro. The inaugural running of the event was seriously damn impressive. Roll on 2017’s event, we say.


gas gas ec 300 Eicma 2016 0114 1200

Milan’s EICMA show delivered the big news that Gas Gas are most certainly back with the unveiling of their all-new EC250 and 300 two smokers. Sherco also lifted the covers on a brand new 125 two-stroke while TM Racing rolled out a 300 four-stroke.


2016 11 04 KTM DAKAR PRESS 1034 1200

Putting theory into practice JP then got to try road book navigation on KTM’s 450 Rally bike. Some guys have all the luck!


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