Alexander Ivanyutin was crowned Russian XC Cup champion with victory at the final round of the championship.

With the new venue of Velyaminovo Moto Park setting the stage for the fifth and final stage of the 2015 Russian XC Cup, the racetrack was one of the best of the season.

With winter closing in, extremely cold weather, snowstorms and low temperatures ensured a tough final challenge for man and machines.

David Leonov was fastest on his feet and holeshot the Le Mans style start but crashed a couple of corners later and handed Alexander Ivanyutin the lead. Out front, Ivanyutin charged away to win by a large gap and secure his second XC title.

Dmitry Parshin and Artem Marushkin battled early on position, but Parshin had a technical problems and he fell back.

David Leonov regrouped and passed Marushkin to finish second.


1. Alexander Ivanyutin

2. David Leonov

3. Artem Marushkin

4. Ilya Taistov

5. Aleksandr Luzhin

6. Denis Yakovlev

7. Sergei Zudin

8. Anton Barancheev

9. Anton Nikonenko

10. Sergei Sokolov