With 2017 firmly on the horizon it’s time to sign off on 2016 with our Best of December Photo Wall…


Rider of the Month: Taddy Blazusiak

taddy.blazusiak SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 2608 1200

For all he’s given and won in enduro, it’s quite possible that the opening round of the 2016/17 SuperEnduro World Championship may well become his most memorable race. Signing off in style, Blazusiak erupted a wave of emotion and respect from the world of enduro that may never be repeated again.


ambience SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 4889 1200

It was standing room only at the SuperEnduro in Poland. The opening round of the series broke records as near 14,000 spectators packed Krakow’s Tauron Arena to the rafters. It was an awesome sight that certainly contributed to one very special night indeed.


graham jarvis roof of africa P 20161202 01218 News

Into the wild. Graham Jarvis capped off a terrific hard enduro season with a win at the Roof of Africa. With Alfredo Gomez shadowing him all the way, it was a narrow one at that, but a win is a win as Jarvis showed once more exactly why he’s Hard Enduro’s king.


colton.haaker SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 3955 1200

A mixed night by Colton Haaker’s high standards saw him pocket just one race win as he got his SuperEnduro title defence started in Poland. But as Haaker modestly put it, playing second fiddle to Blazusiak on a night like that wasn’t the worst deal in the world.


alfredo.gomez SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 4536 1200

Flying straight from the Roof of Africa to SuperEnduro it’s safe to say Alfredo Gomez was the least prepared of any rider on the starting gate in Poland. But that didn’t stop him leading race two and joining both Blazusiak and Haaker on the podium - and on a two-stroke too!


graham jarvis roof of africa P 20161202 01412 News

Welcome to the glamorous world of enduro. A gerry can and bottle of water is your pit stop. Just don’t mix the two of them up. Roof of Africa life.


taddy.blazusiak SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 1918 1200

If you questioned how much effort Taddy put into his final night of racing, this will answer any doubt. Taddy sets his suspension up stiffer than anyone else in the game, so when you see his skid plate “diggin’ for spuds” you know he’s not coasting this one in.


jonny.walker SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 5764 1200

Finishing fourth overall and KTM’s third guy, ensured Jonny Walker left Poland knowing he’s got some work to do. Coming in off the back of a crappy season exposed his lack of seat time this year. But by winning SuperPole showed he’s still fastest against the clock.


start europe SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 2159 1200

After a trial run in 2016, the Europe class has returned for 2016/17 with two rounds. Two races on the night in Poland delivered some of the best action. We'd love to see a full series.


taddy.blazusiak SuperEnduro Rnd1 2017 2548 1200

Everybody wanted a selfie with Taddy — even the man who started it all for him. Karl Katosch — Mr Erzberg — was in town to watch Blazusiak's final race unfold.


jon pearson Honda CRF450RX YM17 5350 1200

Away from the racing and there was time to squeeze one last test in for 2016 with Honda’s new CRF450RX. We gave it a proper trashing, which you can check out in the next issue of Enduro illustrated.


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Photos: Robert Lynn/Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media, Craig Kolesky/Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool, Zep Gori/Honda