SuperEnduro and EnduroCross champion Colton Haaker is giving vlogging a try and it's well worth watching...

Vlogs or video blogs to be exact has become huge watching on YouTube these days. Basically it’s a series of videos showcasing how awesome somebodies life is. But to be honest, despite the massive following these people have — and we’re talking millions — their lives are pretty mundane, sucky even. Kardashian wannabes — who by the way also suck.

Anyway, with Colton Haaker getting in on the vlogging act, we now have a valid reason to check it out. It’s gonna be cool to see the ins, outs, ups, downs and what life is like on the road for an actual world champion. 

Real life stuff, that’s moto related, properly interesting and engaging. Good job. You’ve got us watching.

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WHY I VLOG (Colton Haaker VLOG_2)