100 per cent racecraft tested nov 2016 7M 7631 1200

100% have been around since the early 1980s and their goggle range has a strong following globally. Nailing down performance, look and quality, the comprehensive and varied 100% range has become the go-to eyewear for many. We've put their premium Racecraft goggle to the test during sprint races, practice days and rally testing.

…They say

The Racecraft represents our commitment to create an enhanced user experience, by providing racers with a higher level of functionality and accurate vision. The synthesis of precision engineering and minimalistic design results in a premium goggle that performs as great as it looks. 

Features include:

  • Attachable nose guard ensures stability and protection in the most testing conditions. 
  • Thirsty triple layer moisture managing foam. 
  • Anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision. 
  • Shares the same lens shape across the product line. 
  • 45mm wide, silicon coated strap to eliminate slippage.


100 per cent racecraft tested nov 2016 7M 8072 1200

…We say

Where do you begin with goggles? Surely they are pretty straightforward — some look better than others but there’s really not much difference between them? Not in our experience. Too hot, too cold, misting up too easy, slack straps, soggy foam and poor fit — there’s actually plenty to find wrong with a pair of goggles. 

100% have a long history specialising in googles and if any brand knows how to design a set, then it should be them. This Racecraft goggle in ‘Ultrasonic’ colours is sweet-looking for starters, which is a strong aspect of 100% goggles. The Racecraft range has 21 different colours and designs to choose from. All are eye-catching, so there’s something to suit pretty much any gear brand, bike or graphics preference. 

The 45mm wide strap grips the different helmet shapes we’ve tested well thanks to the silicone lines on the back of the strap. The strap also hasn’t lost its elasticity over time either, like some goggle straps can do when you’re taking them on and off a lot. 

A nose guard protects and 100% claims increases stability with it fitted, but we didn’t have one with our set to test. Replacement lenses and tear-offs are also available.

Comfort is high on the agenda too. Outriggers hold the strap ends at each side of the lens, thus removing the strap from the main goggle frame and helping it sit neatly on the helmet aperture. This means the goggle sits snugly on your face without the strap trying to lift the goggles away from your face. 

The triple layer “thirsty” foam is big part of the comfort aspect. The foam absorbs sweat well and we found during hot conditions — when you sweat most — the foam does a good job of working with the venting, which sits between the lens housing and the main foam layer, to keep air flowing and moisture away from the inside of the lens. 

The lens has an anti-fog coating, is the same uniform size and shape as all 100% lens’ and is held in place by nine retention points. 

The only possible negative we found with these goggles is the same with any iridium lens – the constant paranoia that you’ll scratch them. Wiping dirt or dust off is a careful process unless you want to scratch the pristine surface. But that’s not a fault of 100% lenses, just a consequence of wanting to look flash!


Really liked

Comfy fit, good air flow on hot days and cool-beans look


21 different styles to choose from


From $65.00






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Tested by Jon Pearson