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Sherco boss Marc Teissier has confirmed that they are ready and waiting with their fuel injected two-stroke enduro bike but happy to watch KTM make the jump first.

“The bike is ready, the fuel injected system is ready and we are ready, but it is not yet necessary to put it on the market,” Marc Teissier told to

With KTM ready to deliver a world-first launch of their eagerly awaited EXC TPI two-stroke enduro bikes in 250cc and 300cc displacements next week, Sherco will be keeping a close eye on proceedings and the publics’ reaction.

About three years ago the French manufacturer grabbed the headlines when they released a video of their two-stroke fuel injection bike being tested by French magazine Moto Verte

Since then they’ve remained tight-lipped about it, allowing KTM to make the jump first.

“Initially we were afraid of the upcoming EU homologation so that’s why we began to develop the fuel injection system for two strokes,” continued Teissier. 

“But we also worked to find ways to keep the system we have and are now able to pass the Euro 4 homologation with the carburettor. And for me that is better.”


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Photo Credit: Jonty Edmunds/Future7Media

A purest at heart Teissier believes in the simplicity of a carburettor, even if EU homologation rules are pushing manufacturers away from it. 

“Carburetion is the two-stroke mentality. It has simplicity and ease of use and maintenance for the customer with less cost. Fuel injection will add an extra cost on the bike.”

As the first manufacturer to roll out fuel injected four-stroke enduro bikes, those lessons learned then are still very much at the forefront of Teissier’s mind.

“I don’t see the need to rush things right now. I feel we made that mistake by being the first four-stroke fuel injected bike on the off road market. 

“It was all very new then and the customer was afraid of the changes. So this is why we wait a little. 

“We have all the technology for the four-stroke, and now also for the two-stroke fuel injection but we patiently wait.”



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