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Photo Credit: Sebas Romero

With the covers pulled off KTM’s 2018 EXC TPI fuel injected two-stroke enduro bikes, we put them to put them to the test around Erzberg at their world launch.

Chasing Jonny Walker around Erzberg, our tester Jon Pearson was one of the lucky few to get a first ride on KTM’s 2018 EXC TPI fuel injected two-stroke enduro bikes.

With everyone itching to know what initial impressions are like, JP gives us a quick debrief of KTM’s next generation two strokes….

“Based on initial impressions the bike’s characteristics are not that different from its carburettor predecessor, which is a really good thing. 

“It’s not a reinvention of a two-stroke in that you don’t have to relearn how to ride two strokes, which is what everyone really wanted.

“We rode some iconic sections of Erzberg — Machine, Karls Dinner and 3 Kings — I guess with Jonny Walker as your guide you can’t back out, so it was a good test of the bike.



“The engine on the 250 and 300 EXC TPI is torquey and both pull like a train up the hills at Erzberg.

“The TPI fuel injection system is just more user friendly as far as fuel mix, emissions and being economical. 

“In a blind test you would struggle to tell the difference between the TPI system and a regular carburettor and for me that’s a really good and significant thing.”

For a full in depth debrief of the 2018 KTM EXC TPI range check out JP’s detailed ride review in issue #22 of Enduro illustrated next week.


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