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We’ve got a stack of mousses on test at the moment, from different manufacturers, which we plan to work our way through over the next few months to review. First up is the very clever Gibson Moutech Speedy Mousse. 

Gibson Tyres sent us a set of Speedy Mousses specifically for extreme enduro, and very much not for ‘normal’ enduro so these were the obvious choice for the Albi indoor event.

Gibson’s mousses use Air Chamber Core Technology “ACCT” and promise a higher life span as well as plenty of grip. 

Their look is unusual because they feature rings around the tyre as well as being hollow inside. 

The basic idea uses a combination of air and mousse-rubber to help grip and was an idea developed at the German Extreme Enduro race, Getzen Rodeo.


gibson moutech speedy mousse


The circle rings also allow the mousse to have two different hardness settings — 16 rings are suited for soft to medium ground and 8 rings for medium to hard terrain.

The compound is extremely light, Gibson claim over 1KG lighter than competitors, with low rebound properties and high shock absorbance properties.

An unusual fact about the Gibson mousses is they recommend fitting them with talcum powder. Sounds bonkers, hey? 

It makes a change not to get covered in slimy mousse lube when you’re changing them if nothing else. 

Any talc can be used apparently and although white talcum powder is still a bit messy at least it smells nice!




Gibson moutech mousse 3



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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Test Rider