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Photo Credit: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se

Albin Elowson put his winter of injury behind him to return to the top of the podium in the Swedish Enduro Championship with victory in Vingaker.

Round 4 of Knobby Swedish Enduro Championship in Vingåker. A tough race with four special test made tougher due to heavy rain ensured a hard day in the saddle.

Joakim Ljunggrenn (KTM Scandinavia) won three of four tests on the first lap and had a lead by almost half a minute. Many thought he would get away with another win pretty easy. 

But Albin Elowson (LeoVegas Husqvarna) was strong when the rain came. He won some seconds back on Ljunggren on the second lap and then on the third it was the Elowson of 2016 we saw. 

He won all the four specials on that lap and had a 30-second lead over Ljunggren with two tests remaining. Gaining another 45 seconds on those two he came away with his first win of the year. 

Elowson had suffered a foot injury in France during pre season training, then the injury in Finland and then a DNF with mechanical in the premiere of the Swedish Championship. He was of course very happy to finally be back… 

“I was so tired after the first lap but decided not to think about how many seconds I had lost to Ljunggren. I took it test by test and finally got the feeling back. 

“When the rain came I was never worried. We had so many of those races in the World Championship last year and I knew I could manage it. It was the feeling I had in pre season, before all the injuries and problems. 

“It was such a relief to finally get it all together – my body, my riding, the bike, everything just worked for me during the second half of the race. It’s so nice to be back on top”


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Photo Credit: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se

Ljunggren ended his day second overall and still has a big lead in Knobby Swedish Enduro Cup (overall) and E2 over Elowson. Adam Broström (KTM) was third in E2.

Niklas Persson (Yamaha Johansson MPE) was third overall for the third time and also took the win in E1, where Andreas Linusson (KTM) struggled with the tough tests and didn’t make the podium. Johan Edlund (Yamaha) was second and Kalle Svensson (Husqvarna) third.

In E3 Martin Larsson (Husqvarna) took the win over Robert Friberg (Husqvarna) and Linus Fasth (KTM).

In the Junior category Joakim Grelsson took the win Junior E1. Grelsson was also fourth overall – a career best for the young 125 KTM rider. 

Pontus Skoog (KTM) second in the class and sixth overall (also career best) with Emil Jonsson (Yamaha) third. Erik Ljungberg (LeoVegas Husqvarna) took his fourth victory in Junior E2/3 and was fifth overall. Anton Sandstedt (Husqvarna) second in the class with Victor Broström (KTM) third. 

Amanda Elvin took the win in Women over Hanna Berzelius and Martina Reimander. 

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Photo Credit: Kalle Lundstedt/RaceMagazine.se
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