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Photo Credit: Pouget JM

Sherco’s 2018 new models were launched to the world at the Ales Trem extreme enduro venue in France and their all-new SE-R 125 two-stroke was barking loudest. 

The boy making all the noise at this launch is the brand new addition to the Sherco line-up, the SE-R 125 two stroke. With all bikes in the range getting some smaller changes for 2018, the 125 is showing off in all the limelight as the complete new model. 

Sherco’s reasons behind the new 125 are all about trying to catch younger riders into the Sherco ‘brand’ as much as filling a hole in their own model line-up. 

It’s about growing as a manufacturer but also giving dealers, particularly across Europe where the 125 market is strong, a bike to catch the kids with. 

The result is an efficient but torquey little 125 motor “easily a contender for best in class,” according to our test rider, Jon Pearson. 


sherco se r 125 enduro 2018 2 stroke EC4E6039

Photo Credit: Pouget JM

“Sherco’s aim was to make a rideable bike, smoother and more progressive power delivery so the little SE-R can hold its own in the tight stuff as much as it can rocket full beans through the fast sections. 

“Sherco did a good job and although it keeps the characteristic punch of a two-stroke (and a pretty good punch at that too!) it is useful and relatively torquey for a 125 low in the revs.”

The new bike features a completely new 125 two-stroke engine, which has been in development for one and a half years. 

It meets Euro 4 emissions laws thanks to some clever work perfecting how the carbureted engine with its electronic power-valve — though it remains a carbureted engine. 

Along with a specific chassis, WP Xplor 48mm forks and low weight there’s a lot going on with this bike so stay tuned to upcoming issue #23 of Enduro illustrated for a full debrief.

We’ll have Beta’s RR 125 two-stroke in there to compare too. Lovely jubbly…



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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 tester of things