Scott WFS 1200

Scott release details on their 2018 range of goggles, including the WFS roll-off system.

With over 40 years experience, Scott Goggles have always been one of the top choices in the market. The new 2018 version of their flagship Prospect goggle keeps that level of quality and continues to push the boundries in terms of comfort, field-of-vision and lens retention.

Their lens retention system promises to keep the lens in place no matter how gnarly things get. Other features such as the large viewing area and noseguard keep things safe and comfortable no matter what the weather.


Prospect Tech1200c



Lens lock system

This system guarantees the safest lens retention on the market. Instead of feeding the lens in the groove and securing it with tabs, there are two locking pins at the top and two at the bottom that have to be pulled out before the lens can be changed.

Massive field of vision

The larger lens combined with a thin frame construction brings the lens closer to your eyes maximizing the overall field of vision.

Pivoting outriggers

The two pivoting outriggers adapt to any helmet shape. Pressure created by the goggle on the rider’s face provides a good seal.

Large dual silicone lined strap

The Prospect comes with a 50mm strap backed with two lines of silicone in order to provide the best goggle stability on the helmet, regardless of how rowdy your ride gets.

3-layer face foam

Scott’s 3-Layer Face Foam incorporates two layers of foam and one layer of fleece. The 1 layer maximizes sweat retention and provides cushioning, the 2 layer ensures a precise comfortable face fit and the 3 layer acts as barrier between the goggle and rider’s face.


Prospect Tech1200b


WFS50 compatible

The Prospect is the only MX goggle compatible with SCOTTs revolutionary WFS50. The low nose design allows` installation of the 50mm film and pivoting outriggers enable lick integration of the canisters. These are easily installed without any tools.

Scott WFS product1200

Scott Works Film System 50

In development for 11 years, Scott's roll off system - the Works Film System 50 (WFS50) - has proven itself reliable and valuable no matter what the weather conditions.

The new larger 50mm film is the largest on the market. The roll-off system offers up to 50 clear views, no matter the conditions thrown at you. With a new antistick grid and transparent mudflap your vision will be kept at a maximum even in dusty or less extreme conditions. The integrated canister are positioned behind the pivoting outriggers - this further ensures a maximum fiield-of-vision.