Husqvarna’s Josh Strang has been on a roll of late and added victory at the final round of the Japan National Cross Country to his 2015 win tally.

Joining fellow GNCC rider Chris Bach (Honda) on the trip to Jigatake Ski Resort in Omachi City, Nagano, Strang won the rain and mud filled race.

Switching things up by jumping on a two-stroke for Japan, crossed the finish line one-minute clear of Bach in second.

"Japan was fun,” told Strang. “Husqvarna Japan supplied me with a 250 two-stroke and everything went well. It rained most of Sunday and the track got fairly slippery and technical.

"A big thank you to JNCC president Masami and the whole crew for making everything possible. I had a really good time." 

This was Strang’s third time competing in the JNCC and his second victory.

Making it a 1-2 for GNCC, Bach chased him home for second…

"We had an absolute blast racing the JNCC in Nagano. Masami and the whole crew have a really good thing going on over there, and it was a pleasure battling it out with Strang and all of Japan's best off-road talent.

"I'm pleased with our second place finish, and look forward to returning for a win in the future. I'd like to say a special thanks to Racer Productions, Masami, Yoshi, Ayako and all the JNCC crew for welcoming us to their series and making my attendance possible. Also, big thanks to Hide, Noda, Yoshi and everyone else at HGA Honda for building me an incredible CRF450R race machine."

Yamaha's Watanabe Manabu finished third overall to he secure his second consecutive JNCC championship.

Image: Jared Bolton