The sixth and seventh round of the Knobby Swedish Enduro Championship was held in Uddevalla last weekend and Husqvarna's Albin Elowson dominated the event to take the double-win. 

Uddevalla, the venue that hosted round 16 of the MXGP World Championship just weeks before, had suffered a lot of rain in the weeks leading up to the race. The conditions were extremely slippery and muddy, making for some very tough tests.

Albin Elowson won by over three minutes the first day and close to three minutes the other.

”This was tough. Even tougher than some world championships I have done," said Elowson.


Joakim Ljunggren was second overall on both days but had problem with both Niklas Persson and Andreas Linusson, fighting for victory in E1, on Sunday. It came down to the last test but Ljunggren showed who was the most experienced and got a second overall once again. In fact he hasn’t been beaten by anyone but Elowson since 2007.

In E1 Andreas Linusson took the win on Saturday, which also saw him fourth overall. Niklas Persson was leading but got stuck in a mud hole and lost a couple of minutes to place second. On day two Persson took revenge, and was third overall, with Linusson second. In the standings Persson is in the lead with one point over Linusson. Only one race remains in the series. Johan Edlund was third both days.


In E2 Elowson won both days, with Ljunggren second and Oliver Nelson third. In the points Ljunggren still has a big lead due to Elowsons DNF in the first race of the season. A ninth place in the last round is all Ljunggren needs to take the championship.

In E3 we saw Linus Fasth with his first victory in the Swedish Championship on Saturday. Fasth even won Sunday's race and closed the gap to Robert Friberg. Friberg still holds the championship the lead with four points. Friberg was just fourth on day one but claimed second on day two. Rasmus Stenbacks was second day one and third day two. Old man Niklas Gustavsson got a podium with a third on day one.


In Junior E1 Joakim Grelsson is close to another title with a double victory in Uddevalla, Grelsson was also third overall on saturday. Pontus Skoog was second both days and Emil Jonsson third.

In Junior E2 Calle Johansson rode the best he ever has in a Swedish Championship event with a double victory. Johansson was also top–10 both days overall. Victor Broström took second on both days and Oskar Ljungström and Anton Sandstedt came home with a third place each. In the standing Sandstedts leads the way in to the final.

In the womens category Amanda Elvin won the first race of the weekend and Hanna Berzelius the second. On the podium we also saw both Reimander sisters  – Martina with a third on day one and Emilia with a third the second day. Berzelius just needs one point in the last race to get her third title in a row.






Full championship standings here.