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Two weeks after the completion of the ISDE in France, Japan held its own two-day competition in the north of the country.

A traditional timecard enduro with parc ferme, the event boasts a 33-year history and is one of the biggest in Japan. For 2017, the organisers prepared two enduro loops, one at 100km and a shorter one at 30km. With the cross test held in the ski slopes of the area, the enduro test held on forest tracks and an extreme course over very tricky ground, the event proved a real challenge.

japanese two day

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Day one

The race started under the clear skies, despite that the tracks were still wet and muddy. KTM mounted, 21 year-old rider Taka Maehashi caught his rhythm from beginning of the lap.

"To tell the truth, I got lost in the transfer section so it made me upset," admitted the youngest Japanese World Trophy rider. "Luckily I didn't get a penalty by the TC. The Enduro test was so exciting for me. My two-stroke KTM was also working great. I'm very happy to win the first day of this event."

Second place went to Tadashi Kugimura (Honda). It was an unlucky day for the 2016 champion, Kenji Suzuki, the Yamaha rider got five mimute penalty for early arrival at TC. He went from 3rd place for the day to 18th place.

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Day two

Still warm and sunny for the day two morning. Yamaha mounted Kenji Suzuki showed a strong pace from the first test.

"Track was rougher than yesterday so that's good for me and my bike," told Suzuki. "I'm very happy to win for the day."

Second place went to Ren Ishidoya (KTM) - a big jump from his 19th place on day one. The final step of the podium was claimed by Taka Maehashi. Maehashi got the overall win for the two-day enduro prize.

In the Women's class, Lexi Pechout (Husqvarna) won both days.

The Canadian enduro rider said, "I'm honoured to compete with the Japanese female riders. It was a close competition in the class, so I'm proud to have won this big event!"

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Overall Results JEC 2017 R3


  1. Takahiro MAEHASHI, KTM250EXC
  2. Tadashi KUGIMURA, Honda CRF250L
  3. Takanori NAKAZIMA, YAMAHA WR250F
  4. Yuta KUMAMOTO, BETA RR2st
  6. Yukihito OOTA, KTM 250EXC


  1. Tomoki OHGAMI, Husqvarna FE250
  2. Hikaru NIINUMA, BETA RR2T
  3. Shingo MOURI, YAMAHA YZ250X
  4. Mao AKIYAMA, Sherco SER125
  5. Yoshiji AGUI, Sherco SEF250R
  6. Yoshihisa ASANO, KTM 150XC-W


  1. Yuji SATO, KTM 250EXC
  2. Tsukasa KIMURA, Honda CRE250
  3. Yoshio IKEMACHI, KTM 250EXCF
  5. Katsuaki TAKAMURA, YAMAHA YZ250FX
  6. Yusuke HINO, Honda CRF250


  1. Lexi Pechout, Husqvarna FE250
  2. Masami FUKUDA,HusqvarnaTE250
  3. Seiko SUGAWARA, Yamaha YZ250FX
  4. Kaori KONDO, YAMAHA YZ125X
  5. Miwako NANBA, Husqvarna TE125
  6. Mami IDEGAWA, KTM 200EXC


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