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Beta’s sweet-looking 2018 XTrainer 300 will feature improved engine performance and reliability, plus a totally reworked and lighter clutch.

Beta complete their 2018 model line-up with changes announced to the popular XTrainer model. 

New for 2018 will be the 250 XTrainer, details soon to be announced, while the ever-popular 300 XTrainer gets a host of updates. 

A new 300cc engine with “shared updates” from Beta’s 2018 two-stroke enduro range aims to improve performance and reliability. 

New colours to match the 2018 RR Enduro model range bring the XTrainer into line with its smart-looking red stablemates.

The XTrainer 300 has a re-worked engine with a new combustion chamber to boost performance with a slightly increased compression ratio. 


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Xtrainer gets new cylinder head

A new domed piston and matching cylinder head profile increase power and improve the engine’s performance when running at low revs. 

The new cylinder is actually a two-part design with “closer machining of the power valve” to increase power and torque through the rev-range but maintain the XTrainer’s user-friendly nature from the linear power delivery. 

Other details in the 2018 engine include a new crank pin to improve reliability of that part plus the overall rotating crank mass is revised to match the other engine changes. 

An improved con-rod bearing reduces friction and therefore heat build-up to improve reliability as well.


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Total overhaul of the clutch

A brand-new clutch — a “total overhaul” as Beta’s engineers are calling it — provides a lighter feel. 

The more compact six-spring design engages more precisely and remains more constant during operation particularly when hot, which will surely help the less experienced riders. 

There’s an external tweak to the look and finish of the clutch cover too. 

Sticking with the transmission, an issue some owners have had with the first model(s) is missed gearshifts, but Beta has addressed this with an improved design of the shift mechanism. The 2018 model’s new primary drive ratio helps power delivery also. 


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Novice friendly

The XTrainer’s basic outlook in life is to be novice friendly and since arriving has always been well-known for its soft and linear power delivery (though with an easily adjustable power valve). 

Details like the direct oil injection system means you don’t need to worry about pre-mixing fuel. 

The low seat height is 910mm (30mm lower than Beta’s RR enduro models) and a very manageable 98kg claimed weight figure makes it less intimidating to ride. 

It’s a useful bike for technical riding and is popular at events like Romaniacs for that reason. The 2018 model(s) look like increasing their popularity. 

The “sister” 250 model XTrainer will likely have similar changes and share that novice-friendly attitude, while offering a step down in overall power for the less experienced.   

Beta’s XTrainer 300 is available from November 2017 with the 250 model shortly following.


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