The Warp 9 Spoke Torque Wrench is a multi-fit spoke spanner that allows you to perfectly tighten your wheel spokes…




A spoke spanner tool set for your workshop or toolbox, which comes in a case and contains two separate tools, one of which is a torque wrench, plus a range of spoke adaptor sockets to fit most spoke sizes. 


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Our take…

What’s your favourite tool in your tool box? The Warp 9 spoke spanner has become ours for very simple reasons: it looks good, is quick and accurate to use and is every bit a well-designed hand tool.

This wrench kit is designed to fit a range of bikes and spoke nipple sizes from 5.1mm to 6.9mm. 

It includes a spline-type adaptor too and all click easily onto the ball-bearing type socket connector. 

The majority of motorcycle spokes have a 6Nm torque setting but the Warp 9 torque tool ranges from 0 to 7Nm.

Being a perfect hand size it feels good to use and easily sits in the pocket if you need to check spokes in a service area during a race. 

The tool case includes a torque wrench plus a conventional hand tool (for quick checks or stuck spokes you want to undo) — both are ergonomically designed to offer grip and control.


warp 9 spoke wrench torque Product Review 1200

Photo Credit: Jonty Edmunds/Future7Media 

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handy ergonomics and super practical


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