First Look Scott MX550 helmet 550 All Colors

Brimming with innovation and shaped by years of experience, the major goal of the Scott MX550 Helmet was to fulfil the exact requirements of athletes and consumers — ventilation and safety. 


Class leading ventilation

scott mx550 helmet enduro motocross 3 1600

The MX550 provides maximum airflow thanks to its unique construction. 

It has a huge air opening at the front, strategically placed vents and massive ventilation channels throughout the helmet that pull out the air in the back. 

The ventilation was benchmarked in a wind tunnel scenario against key competitors. The MX550 significantly outperformed them.


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Safety as priority

In designing the MX550 helmet, Scott wanted to address two types of impacts — radial and angular.

Radial are impacts straight into the head while angular impacts cause rotational violence passed to the brain.

In doing so they implemented two key safety technologies — conehead and MIPS.


Conehead Technology

scott mx550 helmet enduro motocross 1600

Conehead technology protects against radial impacts straight into the head.

It is a unique construction with two different densities of EPS and a unique geometry between the two, which increases the impact protection of the helmet.


MIPS Brain Protection

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The MIPS Brain Protection system protects against angular impacts.

MIPS works by putting in a slip layer between the head and the helmet.


Integrated visor

scott mx550 helmet enduro motocross 550

Besides ventilation and safety, a major goal was to make the design of the MX550 unique. 

The integrated visor and the clean lines give the helmet a fresh look to make it stand out from the crowd. 

The 2018 collection offers five different colours.





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Robert Lynn
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