Air filter prep is a messy but unavoidable task when it comes to riding dirt bikes. Motorex Oils have an air filter cleaning kit to help you get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible.


A foam filter cleaning kit designed to contain the cleaning process, protect working environment and produce clean and well-oiled filters with Motorex’s filter cleaning fluid and foam filter oil included. 

Our take…

Motorex’s filter cleaning kit is the complete package, which features all you need to clean an air filter: gloves, separate containers for cleaning and oiling filters, plus the respective cleaning fluid and oil.

It is a workshop kit designed to do the job properly. The only thing missing in fact is a washing line to dry the cleaned filter on. 

The washing tub comes with a rack in the bottom to separate the dirty fluid away as you wash.

The filter cleaner fluid is actually pretty foamy when used, so best applied in smaller doses, but has proved very effective for us over regular use.

The tub seals firmly so contaminated filter cleaner can be transported to a disposal site without spillage.

The messy job of coating your filter happens in the other tub and that too seals well to keep the oil clean and free from contamination.


What's included

Air filter cleaner 4L, Air filter oil 206 1L, grease 2000 100g, oiling bucket, cleaning bucket, grid, latex gloves, 2 Motorex stickers

Really liked

Cuts down on mess, effective cleaning and oiling

Test period

12 months






jon.pearson enduro21 april 2017

Jon Pearson
Enduro21 tester of things