With winter here, it’s time to take a look at the 100% Brisker glove for cold weather riding.

When temperatures drop for the winter months it leaves you with two options — park up until the sun returns or layer up with some winter gear.

Keeping your extremities warm and functioning is, naturally enough, a necessity, especially when it comes to your hands and fingers.

We all know that riding with cold hands and fingers is both uncomfortable and impractical and will make you enjoy your ride less. So keeping them as warm as possible is a priority and a must.


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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Slim fitting feel

Aiming to combat blue fingers, is the Brisker Glove by 100%.

When putting the glove on, it’s instantly noticeable that the Brisker is a slim fitting garment. 

The single-layer Clarino palm is designed to maintain a reasonable level of feel between your hands and fingers and the handlebars and levers. 

Silicone strips on both index fingers aid grip on the clutch and brake levers. 

There’s also integrated tech-thread on the finger tips to allow you to use your phone without removing the glove.

A nice touch is the 100% mantra “How much effort do you give?” printed in silicone across the palms.


ride 100 per cent brisker glove enduro21 7M 3227 1200

Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Soft-shell insulation

It’s the front of the glove which offers the majority of insulation with a soft-shell material covering the top of your hand.

Made from a mixture of neoprene, sponge and nylon material among others, the soft-shell works to keep the cold wind penetrating through the glove and onto your skin.

An interior microfibre “skin” also strengthens its insulation properties further.

A velcro-style strap keeps the glove fitting snug, though, on initial inspection, we would like slightly longer wrist covering to help cover that bare patch of skin between the ends of your jacket or jersey and glove that always appears.


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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Colour options

When it comes to colours you’ve two options — bold and brash or dark and subtle. 

Heather and Black will blend into the crowd, while Caltrans (pictured) and Neon Yellow will certainly get you noticed on those dark winter spins.

With plenty of winter riding planned over the next few weeks we’ll let you know how the Brisker stands up to the cold.






Video: Philippe Teixeira 


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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor