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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

If you’ve ever suffered riding twos-up on a dirt bike for anything longer than 10 minutes then read on, because clip-on pillion pegs are a now thing.

Now I know what you’re thinking, enduro photography is a glamorous lifestyle — champagne, caviar and red carpets. Well, sometimes it’s not.

More often it’s your nuts going numb for hours on end while twos-up on a dirt bike as you chase those too-god-damn-fast enduro riders from photo point to photo point, 

For starters where does one of you put your feet — there’s only one set of pegs. 

Changing gear is a task more synchronised than an Olympic diver and operating the rear brake, well, good luck with that.

It gets uncomfortable too — bits sitting in places bits were not intended to sit, arms and shoulders hung awkwardly to make space.

And camera gear too, don’t forget that — it has to go somewhere too.

Basically, so whether you're shooting photo or needing to get to a far out service check during a race, you will understand this pain.


cross plus pillion pegs dirt bike 2017 1200

Photo Credit: Robert lynn/Future7Media

So naturally enough (depending on your viewpoint thus far), I got more than a little excited when I spotted a set of clip-on pillion pegs on the Steve Plain Motorcycles/Talon stand at the recent Dirt Bike Show in the UK.

I didn’t know they existed. I didn’t.

The pegs clip on and clip off as quickly and easily as you’ve just read this sentence.

They’ve got a spring loaded mechanism that hooks tightly onto the back of the peg and locks in place.


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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Now, as far as I understood, they’re not fully load bearing, so don’t go standing upright, or hit any jumps — that wouldn’t be advisable.

But sat down like a sensible soul they provide the right support and foot placement for the pillion rider, while letting the rider comfortably do his thing — emphasis there on comfort.

There’s also a spoke spanner and adjusters built into the peg. I’m not sure why, but I guess if you own a laser cutter it’s because you can.

The little sign did read some big numbers of £108, but then again you can’t put a price on numb nuts — unless you holiday in Thailand, so I’ve been told.



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