As worn by EnduroGP World Champion Steve Holcombe, the Forma Predator boot is the Italian company’s top spec off road boot.



The Predator is designed to be high on protection, comfort and feel for the controls. Cushioned interior maintains all-day comfort but exterior protection, including torsional ‘Flex Control System’, protects feet and lower leg against injury. 

Comparatively lightweight rider feel is high on the agenda.


Our take…

Designed with emphasis on protection and comfort, the Predator mixes strong design with as much comfort as we’ve found with any other boot — partly thanks to anti-shock padding at the ankle and mid-sole. 

Forma’s pivoting ‘Flex Control System’ has an anti-torsional stop, preventing over-extension of the ankle. 

Injection moulded plastics wrap around the foot and the front and rear of the lower leg. 

The moulding includes venting to allow air flow through the upper part of the boot and a deflector at the top of the shin plate helps keep mud from falling in the boots.

The adjustable “Evo security” buckling system is replaceable and has proved secure during riding.

MX-style soles have a steel shank inside making them durable and grippy on the pegs (a new chunkier enduro-specific sole is also available) but ultimately they have very good feel for pegs and foot levers. 


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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Really liked

comfort, feel, protection

Tested for

12 months


seven-strong range


41-49 (Euro sizes)