Brembo has announced a new adjustable XCS master cylinder and brake caliper, both designed for off-road. 

Well-known for their quality upgrades for standard braking equipment, Brembo has an all-new master cylinder and caliper. 

The XCS (Cross Click System) master cylinder features technology transferred across from the successful and proven MCS road version, which allows the rider to customise their own braking lever setting.

The patent pending XCS master cylinder has two coaxial knobs, which allow quick lever adjustments without tools: one regulates the lever distance, the other regulates the lever ratio and both by up to 12 percent, in 3 percent increments. 

The three configurations adjust from the slightly longer brake run on 15.5x10mm specification, to the most responsive, (where the brake lever response is more accurately connected to the force applied) 17.5x10 mm specification. 

The adjustments can be carried out manually anywhere for a personalised brake lever setting using 15.5, 16.5 and 17.5 mm lever offsets to suit your hand size, riding conditions or experience.

Brembo also say the master cylinder allows for handguards to be mounted without using handlebar supports. 


Brembo XCS master cylinder caliper enduro21 4 1200

Brembo XCS brake caliper

Brembo has also announced a new brake caliper which, like the XCS master cylinder, is designed as a performance upgrade over standard equipment. 

The body of the new caliper is aluminium and Brembo claims heat dissipation has been greatly increased by engineering a new opening on the bridge. 

Servicing should be easier thanks to a more stable pad spring, while tube studs and drain screw have been rotated toward the tyre to guard against impact too. 

The caliper support is billet aluminium and anodised, for the best combination of resistance and weight. 

Apart from looking like a whole heap of factory goodness the caliper kit comes with sintered brake pads, a manual, Brembo stickers and helpful temperature-sensitive stickers used to keep an eye on brake caliper temperatures. 

Both products should be available from early 2018. Price TBC.




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