New Year equals new resolutions and after a chance to ride dirt bikes again towards the end of 2017, it’s sparked an itch in Robert to do it more in 2018…

“I have a confession to make, I don’t really ride as much as I used to. Well, to be honest, I don’t actually ride anymore. 

“I used to ride a lot, a hell of a lot. I’ve ridden dirt bikes since the age of three every week. Sometimes three times a week.

“But then times sort of changed, I jumped behind the lens and the hobby became the job — it was a natural sort of progression but one where gradually the opportunities to ride faded away. 

“I guess if I told my teenage-self how things would go, I wouldn’t believe me.


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Photo Credit: Stephen Clarke

“If you’ve been reading the latest issue of Enduro illustrated (see below), you might have noticed that I finally did get a chance to ride again, thanks to the guys from KLIM in Idaho. 

“And let me tell you, that feeling you can only get from dirt bikes never goes away. 

“It’s not so much about the bike — but yeah, two strokes rule — instead it’s all about the ride. Nothing beats getting away from it all for a couple of hours — it’s therapy.

“Just you and your bike, deep in the wilderness. Flowing singletrack trail goodness, tackling tech switchback, crossing rivers and then finally arriving to the top of the mountain. 

“With nothing and nobody around you for miles, the feel good factor always outweighs any of the effort required to get there. It clears the mind.

“Sat on that peak I made a pledge to my teenage-self to ride a bit more. 

“Maybe not three times a week, but certainly more than once a year because at the end of the day, the mountain is always waiting, you just have to make an effort to go out and get it.”



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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor