Embrace winter or wet weather riding with Sealskinz 100% waterproof Dragon Eye MTB gloves.

They Say…

A lightweight, waterproof, flexible and close-fitting glove that offers maximum comfort, dexterity and performance making it a great trail glove suitable for all types of riding.

We Say…

If any clothing company should know a thing or two about ‘weatherproofing”, then British-made Sealkinz should certainly top that list. With their specialty in “adventure wear”, Sealskinz aren’t a moto-focused outfit, instead manufacture gear for climbing, equestrian, mountaineering, cycling and mountain biking sports. And naturally enough, being British, their unique selling point is waterproofing.

Finding waterproof gloves are a bit of a scarcity within the mainstream moto industry, it was a Google search that landed me onto the Sealskinz website, with my eyes lighting up at the sight of their Dragon Eye MTB Gloves claiming 100% waterproof capabilities.

In the past any glove I found waterproof where either big and bulky offering no feeling on the controls or skin-tight and not warmth retaining. Intended for mountain bike use, the Dragon Eye finds the balance of offering a close-fitting glove for grip and control with a thermal liner to stop your hands turning to ice blocks.

Putting them to the test during December and the Christmas period, albeit not on my enduro bike but instead my MTB, I’ve worn them in all the crappy weather Ireland could throw at me. Rain, snow, ice, below freezing and of course mud — the Dragon Eye MTB Glove has stood its ground.


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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn


Fitment, the gloves, well, fit like a glove. They slip on nice and the velcro closure on the wrist stays put. There’s also a stretch of lycra underneath the closure to aid fitment and ensure that part of skin is not exposed to the elements.

Crucially the double-stitched suede palm is not overly thick — maybe not quite as thin as the 100% Brisker glove — but you can feel the details on the handlebar grip and work the levers easily.

The extra thickness is due to a warm inner liner on the glove. Sealskinz give it a thermal rating of 3 (out of 5) and having ridden in -3 degree Celsius weather on exposed, snow-capped peaks, I found no cause for complaint. Working hard in slightly warmer weather, the glove didn’t feel overly hot or sweaty, so the balance is good. 

What I also liked is that the liner didn’t try to roll out when taking the glove off, which in turn makes it easier to put back on. If you regularly use your phone when out on a ride, that’s a good trait as I did find it difficult to operate my smartphone with the gloves on. 


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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn

100% Waterproof

Regards waterproofing, the glove is exactly that — 100 per cent waterproof. It meant no more wrinkly wet hands and factoring in the liner, my hands were dry and toasty warm, which when out trail riding is essential.

Riding at this time of year one thing you’re guaranteed is mud and plenty of it. Crash and your hands get caked in the stuff and you either need to change change gloves or scrape the mud off, which leaves a slimy, slippery gunk on the palm and obviously less grip. 

Speaking from experience, I was faced with that exact situation but with no spare pair of gloves. However, and this was the beauty of the waterproofing, I just washed my hands in a stream and was good to go again — definitely an added bonus I wasn’t expecting.

A second additional bonus was wearing the gloves to wash your bike at the end of a muddy ride, which at this time of year can be painfully cold. Putting my hands in buckets of ice-cold water and washing down my bike with wet sponges wasn’t an issue.

Overall I’m struggling to find fault with the Dragon Eye MTB Glove. They’re 100% waterproof like promised and work like an off road glove should.

For trail riding and winter or wet enduro riding, they tick my boxes. Certainly a great find from the MTB aisle and a glove the moto industry should follow suit with.


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Essential Details

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Highly durable synthetic suede palm
  • No liner pull-out – Features anti slip liner technology
  • Close-fitting, pre-curved fingers & laminated 
  • Stretch Lycra on back of hand and Lycra finger forchettes
  • Increased movement – Articulated knuckle area
  • Dexterity, increased grip and control
  • Silicone print on index and middle fingers for grip






Black/Green, Black/Blue Orange, Black/Grey, Black/Olive Green/Orange (pictured)





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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor