Toni Bou will be out of the competition for at least three weeks after breaking three vertebrae at Le Mans X-Trial.

The multiple indoor and outdoor trial world champion fell backwards off an obstacle in the Le Mans X-Trial and landed on a square-edge.

The result was three fractured vertebrae for the Repsol Honda rider. What is it with factory Honda riders at the moment?!

Bou was forced to abandon the event before being taken away for an examination at the Le Mans hospital.

After medical tests performed by team doctor Joaquim Terricabras at the Consell Català de L’Esport and the Creu Blanca Clinic of Barcelona, it was confirmed Bou has suffered a fracture of the right apophysis transverse of the lumbar vertebrae L2-L3-L4. 

Dr. Terricabras  recommended rest from all sporting activity for the rider, stating that the evolution of the injury will dictate when Bou is able to return to action, although it is unlikely to be any time in the next three weeks.