Extreme enduro demands tougher parts when it comes to protection. AXP’s Xtrem sump guard promises to be tough and light under hard enduro conditions.


AXP’s upgraded Xtrem sump guard is designed for a tough life in extreme and hard enduros. Thicker than AXP’s standard plate yet with all the same aims to be easy to fit, robust and lightweight.

We’ve been testing one on our long term KTM 250 EXC TPI for six months across a range of riding conditions – not just extreme events. Here’s what we found…


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They say:

Extreme skid plate to fit a wide range of enduro and motocross models and is designed and tested for extreme and hard enduro events.

Made from a lightweight, 8mm thick, high density polyethylene plastic the guard is machined on CNC machine for a better quality.

Design includes full frame protection and engine cases coverage plus it has high resistance to heavy impacts and does not generate any vibration.

The 8mm thick Xtrem plate offers a better length of life when compared to thinner models, specifically for harder enduros. Hardware and fixations brackets are included. 


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We say:

As soon as you pick up the Xtrem sump guard you notice how light it is, just 875g complete with attachments and bolts on our scales.

The Xtrem is obviously an upgrade over the standard KTM sump guard. Though neat and tidy the stock part doesn’t offer the greater protection around the engine cases, water pump and thicker construction. Having a good colour-matched guard helps the looks too!

Engine case protection comes from side ‘scoops’ each side and front which sweep up purposefully. The right hand side is taller and usefully protects the water pump housing.


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We tested a polyethylene sump guard a couple of years back from AXP and though it was good, it is hard not to feel the additional toughness with the Xtrem is a good thing for strength and longevity – and this one has had a hard life with us.

One event we raced with it was littered with savage rocks, biting and eating tyres and ready to take lumps out of engine cases. You can see the effect it had on the Xtrem and it lives to fight another day – albeit a tad battle scared.


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That event also proved the extra thickness of this model addresses issues we’ve found with other polyethylene guards which have occasionally (very rarely) cracked down seams.

One big positive is the light weight design. The polyethylene is a tough material but weighs less than half of an equivalent metal after-market guard we have in the workshop. Having less weight on a bike is particularly meaningful in hard enduro when you’re hauling the bike about more.  


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In my view that helps it become more versatile. It’s a part you can simply bolt on and forget about and use across a wide range of enduro events.

As far as feel goes I’d say the Xtrem offers a little more ‘bite’ than an alloy sump guard without being too grippy. For example when you sump out on a log it takes hold a little better instead of skidding – that may or may not be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. Personally I prefer the guard to offer a small amount of resistance like this rather than skid off things.

Fitment is easy: the two ‘legs’ attach to the sump guard with three nylon thread locked, counter-sunk bolts each side. The legs then grab the rear frame rail snuggly.


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The front bolts locate simply into the existing thread in the frame down tubes on our KTM. Fitting will be different depending on your bike. The whole process took minutes and all the (supplied) bolts have remained tight during riding.


Really liked: light weight, easy to fit, takes a beating

Colours: black, orange, blue, black with red

Fitment: fitments for a wide range of manufacturers

Price: €149.00

Information: axp-racing



 jon.pearson enduro21 april 2017

Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester