If you live in the Northern hemisphere you’ll notice a definite chill in the air as winter comes into full swing. It’s time to layer up if you want to brave the elements for that Sunday spin.

For many that means pulling out the thicker socks to keep your feet warm and putting on those long sleeve tops. Often it’s your hands that get overlooked, yet keeping them warm and at bay from the cold will help you ride in a lot more comfort.

In the past warmer gloves often meant thicker, bulkier gloves resulting in less feeling between your hands and the handlebars. Step in the Alpinestars Stratus Glove - a durable yet lightweight glove designed to give you optimum control while beating the cold.

The Stratus is made from a good grippy material across the palm that gives excellent feeling to the handlebar grip and levers. The material across the back of the glove is of a nice stretchy softshell textile material. It’s both windproof and water resistant but not fully waterproof. 

Fitting wise and the glove offers a very comfortable fit. The pull tab on the cuff helped get them on and off without fuss while the velcro strap ensured a tight secure fitting.

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The glove won’t keep your hands completely dry in heavy rain, it’s not designed for that. We tried them in torrential rain and eventually got soaking wet though not near as quickly as you would wearing a regular motocross glove.

But it’s in dry cold weather where the Stratus glove comes into its own. The glove keeps the harsh cold at bay and thermal lining definitely keeps your hands and fingers feeling much warmer over standard motocross gloves without losing feeling and grip.

Protection wise and the glove is limited. Knuckles are exposed to the onslaught of any debris fired in your direction. However, there is increased padding across the outside corner of the palm to aid you in a fall or crash.

The external fleece was an additional nice touch for wiping the sweat away from your brow or giving your goggle lens a quick clean, especially when on the go. It was also possible to use your smartphone while wearing the glove which will come in handy for that compulsory mountain top selfie.

Overall there’s a lot to like about the Stratus glove at this time of year. It’s a warm winter glove, without a bulky feel that will keep you on the right track. Competitively priced with Alpinestars' Venom, Techstar and Racer glove, it’s certainly worth having the Stratus in your gear bag.



• Mid-weight, technical glove constructed from water-resistant and windproof softshell textile for superb all-weather performance.

• Close-fitting design with synthetic palm reinforcement for improved grip of bike controls.

• Moisture-wicking thermal lining for warmth and comfort on cold days.

• Silicone printing on palm, fingers and thumbs for added grip.

• Velcro wrist closure ensures easy, secure fitting.

• Pull tab on cuff for quick on/off.

• Reflective detailing for enhanced rider visibility in poor conditions.

• External fleece microfibre zone for wiping away sweat or dirt.



Yellow Fluo/Silver, Dark Blue/Silver, Red/Silver, Black

alpinestars stratus glove 1200 


S, M, L, XL, 2XL

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$39.95 (2017 colours)

$27.99 (2016 clearance/limited availability)



2017 colours: Alpinestars Stratus Glove

2016 clearance: Alpinestars Stratus Glove