More power and narrower engine are the highlight changes for the 2019 KTM 125 XC-W and 150 XC-W models.


With changes across the 2019 EXC range being all about refinement this year, the bigger news is the ongoing development to the 125 and 150 enduro models. 

For model year 2019 the KTM 125 XC-W and KTM 150 XC-W 2-strokes continue to be carbureted bikes, using the Mikuni 38mm flat slide carb and remain designed for closed-course use. 


KTM125 XC W Eu stripped 90de ri MY19 Enduro21


Ongoing development

It’s good to see development hasn’t stalled on these two-strokes which receive a new cylinder with a different machined exhaust port and a new power valve which KTM claims a “significant increase in torque” from and “even smoother power delivery.”

The 54mm and 58mm bore engines (respectively 125 and 150) feature a new CNC milled exhaust port designed to interact better with a new, milled power valve (also made with a new raw material). KTM claims this makes the 125 and 150 still the best performers in class. 


KTM 150 XC W MY2019 engine Enduro21


Narrower engine

An ‘optimized’ kick-starter seat promises improved reliability. An ultra-compact, newly designed DS clutch with a new clutch cover reduces overall engine width by 10mm over previous models. In addition, a re-worked six-speed Pankl transmission offers better function and improved reliability.


KTM 150 XC W 90de rear MY19 Enduro21


New clutch design

A new steel diaphragm clutch remains with the super-reliable one-piece outer hub combined with a high strength, billet steel primary drive gear. A more compact construction on the MY19 models reduces overall engine width by 10mm. 


KTM 125 150 XC W MY2019 DS clutch Enduro21

New Battery

Following ongoing development, all 2019 models (except the 125 which has no e-start) will have a new and more powerful lithium ion battery with an electrical capacity of 2 Ah. The change is designed to improve power and reliability under tough riding conditions. This includes the 150 XC-W model. 


New WP Suspension

New WP Xplor 48mm fork settings on the 2019 model will be slightly stiffer to help reduce bottoming out under hard compression and help the wheel keep better contact with the ground upon rebound. The WP Xplor PDS shock absorber changes for 2019 too. The reworking focuses on the main shock piston design to be stiffer and match the new front suspension setting. 


KTM XC W EXC F MY2019 frame Enduro21


New look

Looking good is crucial and marking the 2019 model range apart is a new graphics kit and notably the orange side panels. The biggest change though is the orange frame, mimicking the factory race bikes.

The new seat design for 2019 now has strips or blocks across the rear to aid grip in wet or muddy conditions.


KTM 150 XC W 90de above MY19 Enduro21




To accompany the new KTM EXC model line-up there’s a new line of high-quality, high-performance KTM Power Parts riding gear and casual clothing range. As always there’s also a large selection of KTM PowerParts for those wishing to individualize their machine whether it’s for aesthetics or performance.

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