Taking a first look at the Airflaps goggle ventilation system, a new way to reduce lens fog without removing your goggles. 


French company, Airflaps have popped up with one of those ideas you wonder why there aren't more of them around. Less heat, less fog, see better, ride safer and more comfortably. It’s a no-brainer.

The system is straightforward enough: attaching to the side of your helmet with sticky patches, the mechanism allows you move goggles forward on your face simply by bringing a flap each side forwards while you ride. 


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In their swept back position there is no change to goggle fitment; they sit like normal on your face. But when you get hot and your goggles start to fog up, you flip the arms forward one-handed lifting the goggles forward away from your face by a few millimetres. It is that simple.


Airflaps technical details: 

  • Compatible with roll-offs and tear-offs.
  • Prevents fog formation.
  • Does not prevent goggles from sitting like normal.
  • Saves you from having to take off the goggle, reducing the risk of eye injury.
  • Relieves the tension on the forehead during high-speed riding.
  • Goggles can be worn while waiting at a start without them getting wet.
  • Handling arm can be positioned up or downside of the goggle strap. 
  • Helmet can be removed without removing goggles.
  • The can be removed from the helmet by unscrewing the flaps off their mounts.
  • 10mm adjustment for perfect fit of goggles to the face.
  • Each side weighs 28grams.

Airflaps 003 Enduro21 560


Aiflaps attach with sticky patches, much like those you find on a GoPro mount. The patches are available separately giving the option for switching the system between different helmets.

Riders using the system are not lacking in experience – Enduro World Champion Steve Holcombe and World MXGP Champion Tony Cairoli are just two of many. 


steve.holcombe EWC 2018 Rnd3 2315 Airflaps Enduro21 560

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media


We have a set on test and will be sure to put them through their paces in different riding conditions before reporting back with a proper, ‘tested’ product review.

More information: airflaps.com



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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester