UK-based off road product specialists, Pro Racing have developed their own power valve adjuster to fit KTM, Husqvarna and Beta two-stroke models.


Specifically developed to be an easy to use manual power valve adjuster for two-stroke off road bikes, this little bolt-on gives you quick and easy method to adjust the power character of your two-stroke withouth tools. 

One of the beauties of an adjuster like this is the ability to easily make a change to your bike on the trail or in races if you want power to either be more or less aggressive. 

Pro Racing say the fit is easy – you remove the two power valve cover bolts on your bike, check the current setting (how many turns in), grease the springs and O-ring lightly, screw the adjuster into the housing and that’s it. 


PVA 3 ProRacing Enduro21 560


The adjustment range is from “mild to wild,” Nick Hargrave from Pro Racing tells us. But it is so easy to adjust experimentation is part of the point. The adjuster fits all KTM and Husqvarna 250/300 models. Also all Beta RR 250/300 and the X-trainers. 


Pro Racing say it is good for both carburetted and TPI model KTMs and Husqvarnas however, there’s a disclaimer on our part to add in here. 

There are no optional springs available with the TPI (fuel injected) KTM and Husqvarna models like there are with older carbed models and there’s a reason for that. The setting of the power valve on the TPI models is critical to the ECU software calibration. 

For this reason KTM recommend it should not be adjusted and left well alone. If a customer has adjusted the setting externally then they can go to their authorised KTM dealer who can re-set it correctly with a special tool and the KTM diagnostic tool.

Don’t be put off fitting it to carbed models of course but from a warranty point of view you might want to bear this in mind if you run a newer fuel injected model. 


Cost: £35 incl. VAT and shipping (extra charges outside UK)

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Jon Pearson
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