Matthew Phillips returns to racing in 2019 Australian Off-Road Championship

The 2019 Australian Off Road Championship (AORC) season just got a whole lot more exciting with the news Matthew Phillips will make a comeback to racing with a new MX Store KTM team.


The four-time Enduro GP Champion retired from GP life and headed home last season after a head injury. After some time out and general life reset, Phillips caught the bug again after helping young rider Kyron Bacon with his training programme and racing career.

In an interview with AORC, Phillips announces he will return for the full 2019 AORC season to race in the E1 class alongside teammate and mentee, Kyron Bacon for their MX Store KTM team. 

AORC: You retired from the Enduro GP last year with four world titles under your belt. What was the reasoning behind retiring and heading back home to Australia?

Matthew Phillips: Last year I suffered a head injury which put me off the bike for about six months. I was in a negative headspace after that and decided to head home. As I started to recover I decided to help out a young and upcoming rider, Kyron Bacon, which got me back into the love of riding! So, it’s thanks to Kyron that I’m back on the bike and have found that drive I lost last year.

What are your plans for 2019 and the Off-Road Championship?

My plan is to compete in all 11 rounds of the AORC 2019 season, beginning in Rounds 1 and 2 in the E1 class. As the season moves on I’ll change things up a bit by moving across the senior classes with different bikes. The main thinking is that I want to maintain the love for the sport and by changing things up each round will definitely help that!

The AORC season kicks off March 9-10 at Toowoomba, Queensland and there’s little doubt it will be all the richer for Phillips’ inclusion.

Read the full article on the AORC website.


Photo Credit: Future7Media
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