First look: New Nomad handguard from Polisport

New, wrap-around Nomad handguards from Polisport feature simple design and increased hand protection.


They say:

The Nomad is a wrap-around plastic handguard designed with a larger overall size for improved protection from roost and weather conditions.  

The Nomad’s new, two-point mounting system has fewer components than many handguard designs for an easy assembly. Fitment is for standard handlebar end sizes (22-28mm outside, 13-18mm internally).


Orange view Nomad handguard Polisport Enduro21


The Nomad is aimed at off-road and on-road motorcycles, so Polisport are pointing it just as much at rally, dual-sport, trail, ATV, snowmobile as well as enduro. 


Grey Nomad handguard Polisport Enduro21


We say:

There are a range of handguards on the market and clearly it depends what kind of riding you are doing as to which type you choose for your bike. These new Nomad guards aren't designed to protect in the same way as metal, wrap-around type but are a step above the deflector brush guard type. In that way we reckon they fall between the two types.

The Nomad is physically large which should bode well for those of us who ride in wet and/or cold conditions and want simple protection without additional weight some guards can bring.

The simple design looks good to us too, with a simple mounting system which will make fitment straightforward onto handlebars. 


Cost: TBA

Colours: white, black, blue, orange, red and in the special Nardo Grey.



Byline jp ISDE 2018 Enduro21
Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester