Leatt launches the new 'bulletproof' goggles

Leatt adds to its already extensive product line-up with the release of the all-new and bulletproof Velocity 6.5 goggle range.


Leatt’s range of moto clothing and protective riding gear needs little introduction. The inventors of the neck brace have steadily increased the product range over recent years to offer almost a complete package for enduro and off road sport. 


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One thing missing though was a set of goggles but Leat has answered the call with the release of a new, three-model goggle range: the 6.5 Iriz, 6.5 and the 6.5 roll-off models. 

New Leatt goggles key features:

  • Bulletproof Lens tested to ‘Military Ballistic Impact’ standards
  • One lens fits the entire range, including roll-offs
  • Easy clip-in/out lens 
  • Dual pane permanent anti-fog lens as standard
  • Lenses available from 20-83% Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
  • 170° ‘Wide Vision’ lens 
  • Dual-density frame features rigid outer and soft inner
  • 17 colour options

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Bulletproof lenses is a headline grabbing fact but it makes perfect sense when you’re racing and getting hit by rocks and stones which are effectively like bullets. Leatt claim the lenses have been tested to military ballistic standards to ensure that your eyes will be well protected while riding.

Add to that the 170° wide vision lenses with anti-glare and anti-fog coatings. Leatt also say the lenses are easy to clip-in and out of the frames.


Check out how to change the lenses plus install the roll-off lens:


Another key feature with the Velocity goggles are the dual-density frames designed to be functional and tough but rider friendly with a rigid outer and softer inner frame. The triple-layer dual density foam aims to improve comfort, help keep sweat away and helps prevent the goggles hitting the face of the rider under any impact.


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Leatt's new goggles are available in a 17-strong range of colour range and also come with different lens options ranging from 20% through to 83% 'Visible Light Transmission'. All lenses fit the entire range of googles.



Velocity 6.5 Iriz: $89.99/€89.99/£79.99

Velocity 6.5: $79.99/€79.99/£72.99

Velocity Roll-Off: $99.99/€99.99/£89.99 

Lens from: £8.99/€9.99 to £22.99/€24.99

Contact: leatt.com/motogoggles



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