First Look: New Klim gear launch for Spring 2019

Klim's Spring 2019 collection brings a new range of designs for enduro, dual-sport and women’s riding clothing.


Klim has introduced its Spring 2019 off road range of riding kit bringing fresh colourways and new lines to the North American manufacturer’s already extensive range. A new Petrol jersey, protective base layers and Women’s XC Lite range join a revamp to the popular Dakar range.

We take a look at three of the highlights from the 2019 range…


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Klim Dakar Range 

Klim’s Dakar range is established already and popular among off road and enduro riders for its durability and versatility. The newly designed 2019 Dakar range of pants, jersey and gloves (and also a jacket) see changes in design to improve performance for “riders that demand high versatility and toughness from their gear”. 

The highly durable and “balance-ventilated” Dakar off-road jersey promises comfort and toughness in construction and material across different riding conditions and temperatures.

The Dakar in-boot pants have undergone a revamp to make their “chassis more streamlined” for improved fit. The new printed fabric designs and colours bring a fresh look to the range but remain constructed from the same durable materials and now have larger capacity pockets, improved comfort and ventilation system. This is Klim’s best ever design they say. 


Klim Dakar 2019 Off road Enduro21 560


Klim Womens XC Lite 

The XC Lite series is born from rider´s feedback and the inclusion of the Women’s XC Lite builds upon the existing range, naturally bringing women’s fitment and cut to the table. 


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The Women’s XC Lite jersey uses “the latest fabric technologies” for high levels of durability and ventilation in a lightweight mesh material while also maintaining good mobility. Features on the riding pants include moisture wicking main material, silicone grip on the hems and waist, genuine leather inside the knees for grip and durability and adjustable at the waist.

The Klim range also includes Youth XC Lite riding clothing. 


Klim Womens XC Lite studio 560


Klim Tactical Shirt, Shorts and Pants

Designed and built specifically with off-road and dual sport riders, Klim claims the Tactical base layers are an effective, low-profile, next-to-skin protective riding “system”. 

The main fabric construction is Klimatek which has proven breathable and stretches with body shape and movement. 

Perforated Poron® articulated padding and D30 armour in impact zones around the shirt, shorts and pants bring the protection, breathability and comfort.


KLIM Tactical base layers 560


Klim Petrol Jersey

The new Klim range includes a retro-style, Petrol jersey from Klim slots into the motorcycle ‘lifestyle’ product line in look (but not performance) which is so popular currently. The Petrol jersey comes in a small range of colourways. 


KLIM Petrol jersey 3173 000 Red 01



Dakar Range: from $51/£69 Jersey, $151/£199 Pants, $31/£41 Gloves

Klim Petrol Jersey: $39/£41

Klim Womens XC Lite: $39/£40 Jersey, $129/£139 Pants, $29/£32 Gloves

Klim Tactical Base Layers: $249/£265 Shirt, $129/£139 Shorts, $139/£149 Pants


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