First Look: new design Polisport Hammer Handguards

New Polisport Hammer handguards promise larger surface area, greater protection and simple mounting system to fit a wide range of off road bikes.


The Portuguese brand Polisport has a huge history in producing off road plastics and protection accessories stretching nearly 40 years. Their wide product range includes handguards for enduro, trail and motocross.

New to the line-up are these Hammer Handguards which are designed to be a tough set of handguards and offer great protection of hands and master cylinders through a larger surface area with a simple universal mounting system “for quick and easy installation on crowded handlebars.”


Polisport Hammer handguards white 1200


Hammer Handguards features in a nutshell:

  • Large plastic shape that protects your hands and master cylinder
  • Slim mounting kit that makes it possible to mount it behind the master cylinder
  • Built-in flexible and durable material 
  • Two positions of horizontal adjustment
  • Slim design 
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Horizontal vents allow better cooling 
  • Carbon look like plastic cover
  • Wide range of colours including yellow FLO and Nardo Grey

Polisport Hammer handguards 1200


We've tested Polisport handguards extensively at Enduro21 and have always found the different designs versatile across different models. Mounting systems for different manufacturers can be an issue though so it will be good to try these. These larger guards also look to offer greater protection of master cylinders and throttle housing which can only be a good thing. Looking forward to testing them.


Polisport Hammer handguards mounts 1200



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Igor Aguado
Enduro21 Junior Editor